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Staying at home? This is a great time to repair hair/eye lashes/eye brows!

Your roots may be showing but you can’t get to the hair dresser? Now it’s the time to fix that area that is looking a bit forlorn. A couple of weeks is all you need to get hair regrowth and strengthening.

There are so many reasons why we can lose hair at one time or another. It may be just a small area or a more generalized problem but it is usually reversible. Illness, stress or menopause are the most common causes. Chemotherapy will usually result in hair loss.

What to do? Use this time when you have to stay at home to apply hair serum with keratinocyte growth factor (and lots more) to the areas in need of repair. Apply it when convenient and try to leave it on several hours or overnight before you wash your hair.

These are the Skin Actives products you will need:

Hair serum

Brow and lash serum

What results can you expect? it depends on “where” your hair is in terms of nourishment and growth factors. For a young person in good health, our serum will likely do little, because blood and neighboring cells are providing everything the hair-forming cells need for their job. But for people who have been ill or on a diet or subject to side effects caused by cancer therapy, our serum will make a huge difference. And remember: everything in the formulation is stuff your cells require, there are no chemicals here to bypass the natural hair cycle, no medications capable of producing hyperpigmentation in your cheeks or changing your hair color.

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