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So you want to start using a new skincare prdcut?

What’s the worst that could happen? Commercial products are regulated by the FDA (the USA Food and Drug Administration) and are safe because they are regulated. You can read the list of ingredients on the bottle or box.

Beware of products that because the way that they are commercialized (like some imported products) can be unsafe. One example? Depending on where the product is coming from it may contain non-declared ingredients. This happens with products sold to lighten the skin.

You should be safe if you buy a skincare product in the USA. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates skincare products and cosmetics.

There are some considerations, though, and I would like you to take notice.

  1. Some ingredients may be safe in general but not necessarily for you. For example, you may be allergic to an essential oil or fragrance.
  2. An ingredient considered safe may not be good for your skin. Examples? Many, but here are a couple. Benzoyl peroxide is a potent oxidant used to control acne, and it will age your skin. Hydroquinone use is still legal in the USA, but it’s not a good ingredient.  And, believe it or not, some people used to sell products containing the extract of Nerium, a toxic plant (don’t ask).
  3. The wrong product can do more harm than good, even if it is “safe.” For example, an oily cream can aggravate acne. A cream containing some fragrances can cause hyperpigmentation if you go out in the sun. This is why you need to understand your skin, just like you need to understand the test of your body if you want to stay healthy.

If you use Skin Actives Scientific products, you should be OK. We don’t use fragrances and avoid ingredients known to be allergenic. We use good ingredients supported by scientific research.

Is there anything else you should know?

Yes. When you add a new product to your daily routine, pay attention. Redness, inflammation, and pain are indicators that something is wrong. You may be allergic to one or more ingredients, or your skin may have been damaged by previous “treatments,” and now it’s reacting badly to the new product. If this happens, stop the new product and wait until you recover. If you start the new product again and have problems again, this product is not good for you. There isn’t such a thing as “getting used to something new” when that something is hurting. Listen to your body, always.



DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.