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Signs you are using too many actives (or the wrong ones) and what to do about it

The signs that you are doing something wrong about your skincare are:

  • Sensitive skin: itchy, painful, stinging
  • Inflamed skin, red, irritated, swollen, peeling
  • Dry, very tight, and uncomfortable  skin
  • Acne that gets worse (not better) with “treatment”
  • More pronounced wrinkles
  • New “sun spots”

Please, take into account

You should not assume that all the promises of the product you are buying are true, or, at least, consider that the promises might not be valid for you!

Lovely fragrances or “healthy” essential oils might be irritating or allergenic, and some are photosensitizers

Strong peels may leave your skin feeling smooth but will remove the skin barrier and make your skin more sensitive to environmental irritants.

Ethanol-rich (or isopropanol)  products will make you feel like you are “purifying” your skin but will remove valuable lipids from the epidermis, increase water loss and dry your skin until it can’t do its job anymore.

Ingredients that are great for patching up the skin barrier may obstruct pores, making the skin a perfect growing medium for the acne bacteria.

Benzoyl peroxide will kill the acne bacteria but will also irritate your skin and age it. What’s the point of using antioxidants when you are also using a strong oxidant?

Hydroquinone may cause ochronosis and/or hyperpigmentation. Buyer beware!

And, finally, remember that all those “at home devices” that tempt you with pretty lights may worsen melasma or simply age your skin. Unless you can photosynthesize, can you?


The remedy?

If something is not working, stop using it!

…and go to for good skin care that is based on science!

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