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Shea Mousse Recipe

I made 100 grams of she butter “mousse” like this.

I added 50 grams of refined shea butter into a plastic cup compatible with my electric beater with the whip attachment.

Heated it in the microwave until almost melted. Don’t over do it!

Out of the microwave I added 50 grams of rosehip oil and mixed well.

Left it to cool down in the kitchen (room temperature). Took a long bath (this is important for the success of the recipe!).

When I came out it was still liquid. When it started to thicken I used the whip attachment and whipped the mix. If nothing happens, let it cool a bit more. I whipped it for a couple of minutes until it tripled in volume.

At this stage I would add it to a cream you like. I used it “as is” because I am in Arizona and my skin is dry!

This mousse will not give you all the lipids you need, you still need some lipids that are in the ELS serum. And I would also add some antiox booster.

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