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Seven signs that your skin is aging and what they mean (don’t panic!)

1. You were born and your skin, just like the rest of the body, will start aging as soon as you are born. But don’t worry, a lot of it can be slowed down and even reverse. Keep reading and you’ll see!

2. Fine lines and wrinkles:

3. Loss of firmness,

4. Uneven tone,

5. Dryness

6. Uneven skin texture and dullness

7. Visible pores

These signs correlate well with changes in function

  • Decreased efficacy of the skin as a barrier —> dry skin
  • Reduced ability to protect from UV rays  —> uneven tone
  • Reduced ability to protect from temperature changes
  • Diminished immune response—> infections
  • Slower healing.

These signs also correlate well with changes in skin structure, biochemistry, and physiology,

  • Ceramides and cholesterol content in the stratum corneum decrease.
  • Increased DNA mutations
  • Oxidation of lipids, proteins, and damage to nucleic acids
  • Glycosylation of proteins
  • Increased changes in protein structure and function
  • Expression of modified elastins

In short, don’t expect peels and thick creams to rejuvenate your skin, they will only make it look younger for a few days, at most.

The Skin Actives answer is to rejuvenate skin biochemistry and physiology, in order to make it work and look younger.

From my book

Rejuvenating skin is not just a theory, as many clients of Skin Actives Scientific can attest. Effective skincare can reverse many of the physiological changes that aging brings and reverse aging’s visual manifestations. You can rejuvenate the skin by protecting it from further damage and providing tools to reverse the damage inflicted by age and the environment on cellular DNA. 

You must protect your skin’s stem cells, which will allow this vital human organ to heal and regenerate. The temporary activation of the enzyme telomerase may extend the number of times a cell can divide before division stops, but this will be of no help to your skin if ultraviolet (UV) radiation and other stressors have significantly damaged the stem cells. A rejuvenating cream’s objective should be to promote the skin’s healing powers by protecting its stem cells and supplying active ingredients known to help repair DNA mutations.    

Go for


Epidermal growth factor


Antioxidants like our ROS BioNet

Nutrition, including essential lipids, so that your skin can kbe a good barrier to protect you from the environment and prevent water loss

And, always, protect your skin from UV radiation, one of the most potent aging agents on earth.




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