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Resilience and optimism

There is no need to obfuscate: these have been two strange, difficult years. We live in a natural world that is not always on the side of humans; and humans, sometimes, are not on the side of the natural world.

And yet, here we are, it’s almost 2022, and Skin Actives, mask and all, has flourished.

We found new natural ingredients, produced new human-identical proteins, designed new products, and have helped many people get healthier and happier skin. I am very proud that we managed to keep working throughout the pandemic and never lost our poise (well, I lost it a couple of times, but please don’t tell anybody).

As a scientist, I am proud of my colleagues that managed to convert all the basic scientific knowledge we have acquired in the last few decades into vaccines, antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies (look up the name Cesar Milstein, z”l, who never wanted to make a cent of his revolutionary and life-saving invention).

Cesar Milstein (1927-2002)

As the mother of an MD, I am proud of the hard work of the doctors and nurses and everybody else who is out there, at great sacrifice to themselves, helping heal when healing is possible.

As a grandmother, I am proud of all the kids that had to do school online, and are now back in the classroom surrounded by plastic partitions and wearing masks. They are still learning and even having fun whenever possible.

Most of all, I am proud of the optimism and hard work of our people at Skin Actives. We will continue working to make the best skincare products in the world and using good science to do it.

Thank you for staying with us. I am proud to say that we do deserve your trust.