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Pseudoscience and quackery in cosmetics

How does it work? Take a scientific-sounding word and insert it in a story where your product solves all problems and skin issues.

An old one: deconstructed water. Ignore it: it doesn’t exist, and La Mer was forbidden from using it in the UK, where they take advertising a bit more seriously than in the USA. But wait! Here comes Activated Water: Pure water is infused with aloe barbadensis leaf extract and then supercharged to hold both positive and negative ionic charges to help skin absorb moisture more easily. No!

And then, the real scientific words: exosomes, sirtuins, stem cells. All real, but don’t let advertisers sell you science that does not exist yet. In due time, we may know enough about these “items” that we will be able to manipulate topical products to benefit the skin. But it will take a while, or it may never happen. Sometimes a molecule affects too many processes that it becomes dangerous to use.

At Skin Actives, we take what it’s known NOW and use it without trying to peer into the future. Here are some examples of products that sell you pseudoscience and deliver nothing useful.

Patented and IFSCC awarded postbiotics for microbiome care

For instant skin lifting, anti-wrinkle and aged/damaged skin regeneration

Endorphin peptide for powerful anti-wrinkle action (-55% volume reduction) linked to “brain-skin” interactions

All rubbish! What we need in this American life (and European life, etc.) is more science, not more pseudo science.

Buyer beware.