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Letter to a customer

…who asked why her skin doesn’t glow when she uses Skin Actives products.

Human skin is not supposed to glow. Please read my post on glowing skin here.

What glows? Fireflies do. How? They make luciferin, a molecule that reacts with oxygen in the presence of an enzyme called luciferase, to release energy in the form of light; this particular reaction requires ATP (energy). Humans don’t make luciferin.

You can make it look like your skin glows by using special makeup products that contain reflecting pigments. They will wash away and that’s just fine.You will find lots of ingredients used in makeup that have this property, and they include plastics, mica, silica and titanium dioxide. This is why titanium dioxide is used in sunscreens: reflects UV (and other parts of the spectrum) preventing damage that happens when the skin absorbs UV light.

Healthy skin doesn’t glow. Now, you can make your skin look almost transparent if you remove the upper layers of the epidermis going relatively deep. I have seen that effect in a person who has chemical peels weekly.  You can get the same effect by using physical abrasives. Remember, however, that the epidermis evolved to keep our body from losing water to the dry environment. Keep removing it and it will dry fast and age quickly.

I strongly suggest that you use glowing makeup to get the effect you want and use Skin Actives products to keep your skin young and healthy.

Transparent, glowing-like skin is not compatible with health.

When you see “Glowing kit” in Skin Actives, it is used as a metaphor. Sorry about that, it can be confusing.

Skin Actives Scientific products are the best skincare products available worldwide, but a cream that supports your skin health like our double EGF, etc., will not make your skin glow. You will see the effects in a skin that feels better and ages very slowly.



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