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It’s the season of giving

I love the Holiday Season, not for religious reasons but because people (including me) seem to try and be kinder. 

As the end of the year is approaching, I start thinking about donations to my favorite charities.

How do I give? I have just two rules for the charity

1) my “intuition” has to give the OK

2) The charity has to be near the top in the scale of good charities.

What’s do I mean by “intuition”? That complex feeling that is made out of equal parts knowledge, experience, and heart: that the objective of the charity matches my objectives and that the money will do good.

2) This is the section “my money will go a long way” to achieve the stated objectives: very little money goes to the people organizing the charity, e.g. into fancy chairs and first-class air tickets. Most of the money will go to achieve the objective stated by the charity.

Part 2) is easy: does the research and calculations for you. Indeed, many “famous” charities have a dismal rating on this website. I choose among the very top, which means that most of my money will go to the action and almost none to feeding the organization itself.

I still remember the feeling of desolation I encountered many years ago when I was visiting a country intent on the development of the heavy industry at whatever the cost and the cost was enormous. Trees had been cut to oblivion and there were no bird sounds. Dust was everywhere.  We, humans, need trees and we can’t live without clean water.

For the coming season, the Skin Actives family will contribute to an organization that empowers the communities to take care of their environment, water, and trees.

Whatever the governments can do (and the problem is it so big that it needs governments to do their jobs), it’s up to each community to protect their natural resources:  trees and water, and landscape. And birds.

I hope we will all have a giving holiday season that heals us and that we keep growing and learning to enjoy what we have because it is so much.

Thank you for all you do for Skin Actives, which includes allowing me to “talk” to you in so many ways.