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Itchy, dry eyes that don’t get better

This is a very common affliction. I try the anti-allergy pills and when that doesn’t work, I go first for the tear-like eye drops, and if that doesn’t work my next and last step is anti-allergy eye drops. You may have a different strategy. Incidentally, some people are allergic to the preservative used for eye drops, you can simply use sterile eye drops that don’t contain preservatives.

Now, hear me out. In my experience, the problem is caused partly by the dry skin of my eyelids. Magic remedy? Sorry to be boring but it’s again the nourishing serum with CBD. I apply it on my eyelids and massage very lightly. DO NOT use inside the eyes!

So now I have to take this annoying serum (it’s oily, I put it inside a double plastic bag) with me everywhere. Still, it’s less annoying than itchy eyes.


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