It is easy to get good skin care products suitable for vegans.

Skin Actives makes it easy to avoid the few products we make that contain ingredients not suitable for vegans.

In the past, skin care companies used a few animal sourced ingredients. One example would be extracts from cow organs used because of their high content of epidermal growth factor. This sourcing was never made evident in the ingredient lists.  Another if the use of growth medium that contains fetal cow or horse serum, again because of the presence of growth factors that cells in culture require to grow and divide. This source is not disclosed in ingredient list, as the name used is “human fibroblast conditioned growth medium”.  Unless you are a chemist or a biologist you are unlikely to know that this ingredient, used in expensive skin care products, is not suitable for vegans (or for me, and I am not a vegan).

Apart from these examples, there are very few ingredients (out of the many thousands used in the industry) you have to be aware of.

Collagen: collagen and hydrolyzed collagen is always animal sourced, from the simple reason that only animals make collagen.  Anybody who talks about “plant collagen” is either an ignorant or a liar. I would not buy products from either kind of person. So, how does Skin Actives make a collagen serum suitable for vegans?  We humans have collagen in several tissues including our skin. We need to take care of it to preserve skin health. But we don’t need actual collagen to take care of our collagen. We add amino acids to our serum in the ratio that the skin uses them to make collagen. This amino acids are obtained by fermentation.

Other, less common ingredients also sourced from animals: silk peptides, chitin (but chitin is also made by fungi), hyaluronic acid (but we use the one made by bacteria).

What else?  If you see “placenta”, run.   In any case, microbial contamination makes placenta a very bad option as an ingredient.

If you are really vegan, maybe you should avoid cholesterol and its derivatives as they are usually extracted from lamb’s wool.

If you worry about any other ingredients, just ask. I will be happy to look into any ingredient to find its possible source.



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