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How to Make Your Own Hyaluronic Acid Product with EGF!

In April 2017, we offered a limited run of our Hyaluronic Acid Serum with EGF as a Bonus and we received tons of great feedback. Although we are unable to add this to our line-up of great products, we think you’ll find that it’s super easy to make for yourself!

If you are just looking for an anti-aging product that contains both Hyaluronic Acid and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), then we still recommend our Collagen Serum. Collagen Serum is our best anti-aging product and contains these ingredients and many more to help promote healthy skin. However, those of you who are looking for a light, water-based moisturizing serum with some added benefits should look no further.

All of the products in our Hyaluronic Acid Line can be customized with EGF, or other water-soluble actives. Here are a few suggestions:

Hyaluronic Acid Gel with EGF – Give this serum an anti-aging boost with EGF.
Mix the EGF with the saline solution per the instructions. Use the included pipette to take out a quarter (0.5 ml) of the EGF/saline solution. Squeeze the EGF/saline solution into the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. You can either stir with a clean utensil, or place the lid back on the serum tightly and slowly invert the bottle back and forth. Store the remaining EGF/saline solution in the fridge. Enjoy your custom moisturizer!

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer with ROS Terminator – Add more antioxidant protection to this nutritive cream.
Use the small scoop provided to take out approximately one quarter (1.25 ml) of the ROS Terminator solution. Add this gel-like mixture to your Hyaluronic Acid Cream and use the spatula included to stir until completely combined. Store the remaining ROS Terminator in the fridge. Enjoy your custom cream!

Hyaluronic Acid Gel with dePuff – Create a cooling under-eye gel to soothe puffy eyes and dark circles.
Use one of the pipettes provided to take out about a quarter (1.25 ml) of the dePuff solution. Add this solution to the Hyaluronic Acid Gel and stir with a clean utensil, or place the lid back on the gel tightly and slowly invert to mix. Store the remaining dePuff in the fridge. Enjoy your custom eye gel!