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Going back to school this fall: life is different but your skin still matters.

I don’t need to tell you that life has changed. We don’t know for how long but let’s say that it is unlikely that the school year starting this fall will be “normal”. Fortunately, we, humans are very adaptable, so let’s get ready and with a smile on our faces. Smiling helps, even if the others can’t see you smile because of the mask (your eyes still show). You will know that you are smiling and it will make you feel better.

Covid19 has changed the world and it will be a while until things go back to normal. But acne is still here. Let’s see how to deal with acne and with other problems that Covid19 brought to us.

New priorities: stay safe, stay healthy. When you go back to school this Fall, staying healthy will be your priority.   You can do this! How?

  1. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently. This is all you can do until scientists (not quacks!) create a safe, efficient vaccine.  [Safe means no bad side effects, efficient means good at eliciting an immune response from our bodies]
  2. Don’t touch your face. Surgeons learn not to touch their faces with gloved hands when they are in the operating room. It will also help with acne because your hands spread acne bacteria and can block pores.
  3. Try not to wear make-up. The combination of silicones and the mask can worsen acne.
  4. Take care of your hands. Washing them often and disinfectants take their toll.

What can skin Actives do for you?

We have good tools for acne control. Here is the Flawless kit.

For acne “emergencies” try Zit Ender.

To protect your hands: use a good skin barrier cream. You can make your own starting with your favorite face cream, by adding a tablespoon of petrolatum per 4 oz cream (or lotion) and mixing well.


If the pandemic and all that it entails is keeping you down, talk to others. Knowing that everybody feels bad will validate your feelings and this, by itself, will make you feel better.

Stay safe, it will pass. And you can still smell the roses.


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