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Full eyebrows: treasure them

What’s special about eyebrows? They grow slowly. Not so special: they can die.

Teenagers eager for some sort of control on their bodies often go for eyebrows, not knowing (or caring) that they can lose them, actually losing all control!

On top of innocent-looking tweezers, now there is also lasers, offered by medical looking facilities that will make you sign documents with really small text where you promise not to sue them if …(here a long list of complications).

Fashions come and go, but if you keep plucking your eyebrows you will not get them back. Just like the scalp can stop making hairs, so your skin can stop making eyebrows or eyelashes. If you follow today’s fashion of, say over-plucked and lightened eyebrows, you will not be ready for the fashion next season of Frieda Kahlo-looking eyebrows.

What can you do? If you are clever, leave your eyebrows alone and wait for the season with a fashion that will match your natural style. Eyebrows are more complicated than they look, like everything in our bodies. For example, hair density, diameter, the pattern of growth, and hair growth cycle vary according to the anatomical location within the eyebrow.

Just to scare you further, read this paper on how laser epilation of eyebrows can damage your eyes! (Le Jeune et al., 2007) and Yan et al. (2019) will scare away from tattos and glued eyebrows.

If you have already done the deed and decimated your eyebrows on the pursuit of control or fashion, give Skin Actives a chance. Skin Actives brow and lash serum offer you the option of regrowing eyebrows if your skin has not lost the capacity to grow them. It will take time because you are signaling that part of the skin that you want it to go back to what it was before the plucking, and because, by nature, eyebrows are so slow to grow. Don’t give up too soon, the serum is good for you, it provides nourishment and keratinocyte growth factor, a protein involved in hair formation.

Sometimes, it is not you but an illness that decimates your eyebrows, maybe cancer (or cancer treatment) or sun damage. Menopause can also affect eyebrows, and sometimes the process can be caused by an autoimmune response.  Frontal fibrosing alopecia affects both eyebrows and scalp hair loss and will end with the loss of follicular openings. Even these conditions are reversible sometimes, bimatoprost (prescription) may help, but always give KGF and nutrition a chance first, especially with apocynin and ROS Bionet, because Skin Actives uses ingredients that will promote processes that occur in your eyebrows naturally.

What NOT to do: don’t be tempted by “remedies” that can are worse than the problem: eyebrow threading, tattoos, glue on stuff, will only add stress to an already stressed skin.

Our eyebrows are important in our face to face relationships with other people, they help us recognize mood and feelings in our fellow human beings. Let’s treasure them.



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