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For Mother’s Day, remember the older mothers.

I confess, I am a older mother so I have vested interest in giving this advice. But I am writing this post because I received the following email today:

“I’m 70+, will any of the creams really help my skin. I know at this age, the collagen and elastin have dissipated and it really shows on my face. It seems this year has been especially bad. Anyway, I am looking for something that will work. I would like an honest answer-too many say different things will provide some reduction of lines as well as a glow to the skin. All I am using today is avocado oil for a moisturizer and I also use salicylic acid for exfoliation. I also massage the skin and have been doing facial exercises but have not seen a result from that, either.
My main concern is all the perioral lines! I truly have a mouth that looks like a drawstring purse! I even had dermabrasion in that area three years ago. The lines came back within a month after that expensive procedure. I have never smoked but one would think I do. I also exercise and eat very healthily in an effort to live longer and protect my heart and skin.”

I answered immediately.  Serums and creams can help her, and avoiding dermabrasion will help even more.

At this age, it is easy to get a large improvement with not much work, especially if you have not beein using Skin Actives. Why? Because the skin of al older person is usually hungry for almost anything (not for copper!).

If you start with Vitamin A at night, collagen serum during the day and Every Lipid serum day and night, you will have huge improvements within a month, and this is without spending much money not time.

What you can”t afford is dermabrasion, because your skin will be slow and ineffective to respond to the inflammation and damage that dermabrasion will inflict on it.

So, here you are. Give your (older) mother a gift of Skin Actives. And flowers are always welcome, although you can wait until the Mother’s Day prices go back to normal. And you don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day.