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Flaws/frauds in skin care advertising: Progelin

Don’t confuse correlation with causation.  Aging affects practically everything in the cell and the skin, but not every change is a cause.

Progeria is a nasty genetic disease that makes the victims age rapidly and die early. It is awful. But nothing is too awful to be misused by advertising.

It was found that the mutated gene results in the synthesis of a mutated, faulty protein called progerin. The corect protein, Lamin A, fulfills an important role; when it is replaced by a faulty version, the consequences are dire.  Obviously, scientists are looking for a way to restore function, at least partly, to ameliorate the suffering of the people who have this genetic defect.

In the meantime, once again, somebody found a way to make money out of the misery of others. They sell products that supposedly help prevent the synthesis of the faulty protein and stop skin aging. Don’t try to find a rational basis for this assertion, there isn’t one.  Some sell an algae extract, others sell a glycerol/water solution containing a mystery peptide.  Neither of these ingredients are used in people of progeria because they would not help at all.

Don’t buy rubbish, please.  You would be supporting a cadre of crooks that make money out of people’s fears.


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