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Five things to do to take care of your skin during stressful times

Do yourself a favor and don’t use a magnifying glass. Why? Even if your skin looks great, your stressed brain may tell you differently. Start by being nice to yourself, and that starts by avoiding the magnifying glass. You can use it to look at interesting insects or to do embroidery (I am told that embroidery is great at relieving stress!).

Think moisture. Start by cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser that will not strip your skin of valuable lipids and proteins. Skin “cleaned” with detergents and alcohols will dry it and kill cells, including stem cells that reside in the basal layer and the pores.

After rinsing the cleanser, apply a mask that will provide a great excuse for relaxing for half an hour. A mask made with sea kelp coral, full-fat plain yogurt, and a couple of actives you like, will make wonders for your skin.  Don’t forget eyebrows and eyelashes and your scalp! Now it’s time to apply serums with keratinocyte growth factors to the scalp and areas of the skin that work had at making hair.

Rinse the mask and apply Nourishing Skin Serum, a source of essential fatty acids and calming hemp.

Don’t forget physical activity and nourishing meals. Collagen peptides, vitamins, and minerals may not make it to your skin (this is why we make Collagen serum) but a healthy body can take better care of skin and scalp.

Photo: Two suggestions for stress: a beautiful, well-behaved cat, and embroidery.


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