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Feel better, heal better

It is bad when you are feeling unwell/ill/sick/low and on top of that people tell you to “take care of yourself”? At the time, it feels impossible because, where is the energy to take care of yourself? And yet, there is truth in that annoying admonition. Why? Because there is only so much that doctors and medicines can do for you, and there is a lot that you can do to get better sooner.

For example, when arthritis hits you (and it will hit everyone who reaches a certain age) the tendency might be to walk “funny” to avoid putting pressure on that knee, or whatever it is. Next step might be the ER because the pain, after weeks of walking “funny” is now unbearable. And you could have avoided the ER (and the expense and the aggravation and the pain) by seeing your doctor who may suggest you take some ibuprofen and do some exercise. The secret is to keep moving. The doctor is not underestimating the pain, she is just telling you that your sophisticated medications will not help you feel better sooner, and that there is something you can do.

Ignore the connection between mind and body at your own peril. You can help your heart by using (free) relaxation techniques, including breathing. You can help lift the depression by exercising and eating better, and even by getting some color pencils and coloring (badly) a silly coloring book. You will certainly fell better after you Skype your dear friend.

Taking care of your skin can also help you feel (and get) better sooner. If you take a relaxing bath, try to apply some rosehip oil afterwards so that your skin does not get dry. The skin will feel more comfortable and you will heal better. Apply a mask and relax while you listen to music. A mask will not do miracles for your skin but it will make you feel loved.

And when you are seriously ill, like when you are receiving treatment for cancer, ask for help from your friends or family members. If you get radiation therapy or chemotherapy or both, your skin, hair and nails will probably suffer. This is because cancer treatment, although directed towards the tumor cells, will also affect healthy cells that divide rapidly, and this includes skin, hair, and nail forming cells. Skin care products that improve the feel and look of skin and hair can be a blessing when the body is subjected to the unavoidable side effects caused by life-saving medications and procedures.

Giving your body some TLC will help the whole of you feel better.  Skin Actives formulates products that will go a long way towards achieving faster healing of your skin after therapy.

Because cancer treatment is finely tuned to the patient, it is important that you always follow your doctor’s instructions. Do what your MD tells you to do. But also ask him/her whether you can use the soothing and healing products made by Skin Actives. Show your doctor the ingredient list and she will know whether it is suitable for you during your treatment. We will be happy to answer any questions your doctor may have for us. We at Skin Actives know how to help your body heal without interfering with life saving therapy.

Why do we offer? We offer non prescription, non OTC (over the counter medications) products that can help your skin heal better after radiation therapy, plus others that may help you retain hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes during treatments that will damage the hair-producing cells and the lips.  We also offer several products that will help soothe skin and lips when medications interfere with cell renewal.

Here is a short and incomplete list of SAS products that may help you feel better and look better. We have checked them thoroughly and they should not interfere in any way with your treatment, but please show your health care provide the ingredient list if you want to reassure yourself.


Intense Repair Lip Treatment

The lipids in this system will facilitate recovery or your lips after cancer therapy or after (and during) other treatments affecting cell division and lipid synthesis, including long term treatment with retinoids and anti-fungal treatments.


Hair Care Serum, Every Lipid Serum (ELS).

Prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth with our keratinocyte growth factor hair serum. SAS hair serum also includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Brow and Lash Serum, ELS.


Ultimate Moisturizing Cream, ELS, Post Radiation Cream.

Our products will soothe your skin and  substitute for the damaged skin barrier, they will also accelerate healing by providing the building blocks the skin requires to rebuild and renew.


Nail Care Duo

Try our nail products. ELS and the nail serum with kGF is what your nails need to stop splitting and cracking.

-Dr. Hannah Sivak