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Fake science can kill you.

Not directly but via infection that you could have avoided with a vaccine, and now with melanoma or other skin cancers that you could prevent using sunscreen.

Some people make money , blood money, by spreading misinformation, especially in the USA. This is because in the USA almost anybody can start a not-for-profit foundation and allocate themselves ridiculously high salaries. They can also create companies that will benefit from false advertising spread by their foundations.

We know who are the winners. But who are the losers? The innocent victims are the children that may end up with broken bodies (or dead) because of a bacteria for which we already have a vaccine, if we get inoculated.

There is now another huge group of losers, the people (and their families) who swallow the propaganda of anti-sunscreen, anti-chemicals groups. Of course, they encourage you to buy the products that bear the “seal of approval” sold by these groups.

Now the American Academy of Dermatology has to remind people that the very real dangers of melanoma can’t be compared with the theoretical dangers of chemicals used in sunscreens.

“AAD President George Hruza, MD, MBA, noted that “Recent accounts of the FDA’s proposed sunscreen rule in the news incorrectly suggest that many sunscreens currently on the market do not meet safety requirements of the FDA. In fact, only two ingredients were proposed to be unsafe — PABA and trolamine salicylate — and these are no longer available in the US.”
After decades of use, there have been no reported data of systemic internal side effects from the use of sunscreen. The FDA has asked for more data on certain ingredients to find out to what extent the skin absorbs these ingredients and if absorbing sunscreen has any effects on the skin or body. This does not mean that the FDA is expressing concern about sunscreen ingredients, nor have they concluded that any of the sunscreen ingredients sold in the US are unsafe, Dr. Hruza said.
“As dermatologists, we know that unprotected exposure to the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form. Sunscreen can help protect the public from harmful UV rays—making it a vital tool in the fight against skin cancer” .
I think it is OK for people to risk their own health in service of their beliefs however anti-scientific they might be. But they can’t be allowed to put their children and the rest of society at risk.