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Explaining why I get excited about epidermal growth factor

For many reasons but I will try to keep it short.

EGF is a most important ingredient when it comes to skin health. It signals for healing, cellular division and increased protein synthesis (among other benefits). We need it.

EGF goes down as we age, like many other cell functions, but when you apply it to the skin it signals for generalized increased skin activity, rather than stimulation to make more of a single protein. Everybody knew how valuable this growth factor was since the 1960s when growth factors were discovered.  See this to find out more about Stanley Cohen.

But, EGF was not available just a few years ago. Its use in cosmetics became possible only after molecular biology “evolved” out of biochemistry. All of the methodology that makes Skin Actives epidermal growth factor possible did NOT exist when I was a student, or even when I was a PhD student.  Later on, I had the pleasure of using this methodology as a researcher when I was investigating the enzymes that make starch and collagen.

The science behind Skin Actives EGF is amazing and elegant and makes it possible for the benefits of epidermal growth factor to be accessible to many of us.

In a separate post I will list all the methods that are required to get EGF to your Skin Actives collagen serum. They are the fruit of human invention and of the support of society for basic science.

Epidermal growth factor in Skin Actives products: