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DYI hair treatment. How about a mask?

First, you don’t need to have “issues” to take special care of your hair (or eyebrows. By the time you detect hair problems, you may have already lost a lot of it and the rest may be thinning. By taking care of your hair you are actually taking care of your scalp, where the hair is formed. You can read more about the subject here and here.  I have posted too many articles about hair, but these two should be enough.

And when do you have hair problems? Going on a low calory diet, menopause, pregnancy, illness, are some of the many conditions, good and bad, that will affect your hair.  Don’t wait until you can see your scalp before making an effort to rescue your scalp from the effect of “starvation”, loss of hormones binding the estrogen receptors, etc. Make sure you choose a mild shampoo, without detergents that will inflame the scalp and affect its capacity to make hair. Rinse well and after drying it briefly with a towel, apply a good amount of hair mask.

What is a mask? In skincare parlance, it is a product that you apply and leave on for a time long enough to take a nap or watch a TV episode. If you need an excuse.

What do I suggest?

“Top-it-up”  Hair mask

Sea kelp bioferment: 1 cup

Green tea extract with caffeine: 1 teaspoon. This extract contains antioxidant polyphenols. Caffeine will increase blood flow to the scalp and will increase availability of nutrients..

Keratinocyte growth factor: 1 vial.

Nourishing skin serum: it will give you essential fatty acids and the calming effect of CBD.

Mix well and apply to scalp and hair. The scalp is the main target.

I suggest 1 cup of sea kelp bioferment as a base for the mask so that there will be enough quantity to “saturate” scalp and hair. Adjust the amount according to how much hair you have and how long it is. If you need to skimp, concentrate on the scalp.

Want to be creative? Look for foodstuff in the kitchen that can help. Soy milk if you are entering menopause. Brew coffee or tea if you prefer their aroma. Look for antioxidants in your fridge.

And don’t miss the opportunity to take a nap. If you need an excuse for a nap, a hair mask treatment is a great one.

Mathematically, the whole is equal to the sum of its parts, no more and no less, but when it comes to skin and hair biology, using several actives will improve the overall results. Adding a high concentration of one ingredient will only do so much because another ingredient will become limiting to the overall process.  Adding relatively low concentrations of good ingredients will give you synergy, an overall improvement of health for your skin and body.

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