Do It Yourself skin care. Plus, here is your first recipe! Vitamin A companion cream.

DIY can be a hobby or a passion or just fun. I am for all of those. But please remember that we are talking about our skin, not a T-shirt that can be discarded if the tie-dye goes wrong. It will not save you much money but it will allow you to personalize your skin care products.

I would like to start a new series of posts with DIY recipes that make sense: they will be inexpensive, will give you value for money and they will work. And, most important, they will benefit your skin and not hurt it!

Let’s start with a Vitamin A companion cream.

Why? Because there is nothing like it in the market.

What it will do for you? Make up for the broken skin barrier that you get when you use retinoids. Using our Vitamin A cream is less likely to give you trouble of this kind, the problem is acute with products like Retin-A, a very irritating retinoid (sort of bull in the china shop). So, if you persist in using Retin-A or take oral retinoids, you will need this Vitamin A companion.

How? It is easy. I will give it to you step by step.

Implements you will need:

A small spatula or mini-whisk, paper towels to cover the surface where you will work, isopropyl alcohol ($2 for 16 oz. at pharmacy or supermarket) to sterilize your implements, a small bowl for mixing all your ingredients. I use a spray bottle to dispense the alcohol. Plus a notebook where you will write all the details so, if you like the result of your experiment, you will be able to duplicate it.


One  4 oz. jar of Skin Actives Canvas cream or a simple base cream you like

One tablespoon of  Skin Actives collagen serum (this is not optional) (1)

Half a teaspoon (adjust to your preference) of Every lipid Serum   (this is not optional) (2)

5 grams of petrolatum (adjust to your preference/need). Star low because you may need to get used to the texture but remember that the most expensive creams in the market (including some that are priced at $300 per oz.) use this ingredient. This will cost $2 for 16oz at the supermarket.

Do not add essential oils or fragrance, they may worsen the irritation and stinging, this is NOT what you want to do yo skin that is already having a bad time!

You can do all the mixing at room temperature. Use a spatula or a small whisk until you get an homogeneous cream.


(1) SA Collagen serum will provide the nutrients your skin needs to follow the instructions given by the retinoid. Epidermal growth factor will complement the instructions.

(2) Every lipid serum provides the lipids you need to strengthen the skin barrier, plus antioxidants.

DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.




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