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DIY skin care FAQ: the most important facts to know

Question: “I bought apocynin powder to add to my creams but cannot find any information on HOW to add it or liquefy it. Please help! You should include a recipe with the Order.

A solid is a solid at room temperature, you can melt by increasing the temperature a lot; it’s called the melting point.  For apocynin, that’s 115°C.  But you are not looking at melting apocynin not what you are looking for. You need to dissolve a solid, apocynin, in a liquid or lotion at room temperature or as near as possible to it so that you can apply it to your skin and get its benefits.

DIY skincare doesn’t require more knowledge than cooking, but you must accept some facts about Nature.  We can’t tell a chemical how to behave, it’s up to us to learn the rules.

How much you can dissolve one ingredient or another depends on the substance’s chemical structure, and some chemicals may be insoluble in water or oil. This is why your best chances are with a cream that contains water and oils.

Dissolve?. You can dissolve a very small amount of apocynin in a cream or lotion; that will be enough to help your skin, especially if used with other ingredients that benefit your skin.