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DIY : 7 tips for mixing your own skincare products

1) Check this first: what do you want from your product? Do you have a particular skin problem?

2) Don’t copy a product just because it is advertised or has “good reviews” or is ridiculously expensive. Does it have a good ingredient list? It may be an icky or ineffective list. Or, worse, bad for you.

3) Make sure the actives you choose to match your objective. The best way? make a shortlist of both actives and objectives, side by side

4) Did you choose your actives? Start with a couple of them, not everything has to go in the same product.

5) Important: To make the fantastic DIY product you dream of, you don’t need to start from scratch (like making your own cream starting with oil, emulsifier, and water plus preservatives), a ready-made base will save you time, failures and money.

6) Now choose your base: a cream will make life easy because it will give a better chance of dissolving to a larger range of actives, but if the actives are all water-soluble you can use a water-based serum (like hyaluronic acid gel or sea kelp). For an all-oil-soluble active, choose an oil-based serum like ELS.

7) Keep your workspace and hands clean, if you keep introducing microbes with dirty hands, no amount of preservatives will keep your product safe!


Done with mixing? Enjoy and show off to your friends: you have the best skincare products, personalized for your skin, at a fraction of the price. And use the product: it will do you no good if you don’t use it!


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