Dear clients, customers, friends

The name of our company is Skin Actives Scientific. From the beginning, 15 years ago, and starting with our name, we wanted to convey that we use science in everything we do: in formulating our products, in the ingredients we make ourselves and in the words we use to communicate with our customers.

Sometimes our commitment to scientific practice and thinking has placed us in conflict with trends and fads (and with some people), but for 15 years, the scientific process has served us well.

If the current corona virus crisis is to be surmounted, science will guide us – but it must be accompanied by community action to safeguard the health of the most vulnerable.

I have posted some information about the virus on my blog. I will keep posting a number of links to resources I have found to be reliable.

We will continue to produce and ship products made here in Arizona as long as our state authorities allow us to. If you have the option of ordering products sooner rather than later, that would be very helpful as it will reduce the impact of a closure if that is required from us.

We would like to extend our wishes for a speedy recovery to our customers that are sick, and encouragement to those whose movement and activities will be limited over the coming months. I will be one of those staying inside for long periods, so please use our forum to send your questions, I will do my best to answer them. It will keep me busy and will make me feel better, knowing that I am contributing, somehow, to society, which is us.

Hannah and the Skin Actives Team

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