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Damaged or missing lashes from extensions? Here is what you can do.

We have all done silly things to ourselves. Let’s hope we learnt something and don’t repeat the same mistakes (we will make new ones!).

One of the mistakes most women do is ignore how fragile the eye area of the skin is, especially the eyelids and even more specially, the area that form the eyelashes.

It is not just our fault, but that of the unscrupulous people who advertise dangerous ways of becoming more beautiful. They don’t tell you that those methods are dangerous, and that the effects are fleeting and then you are left with damage that, sometimes, is not fixable. In this list: people who advertise permanent makeup, lashes extensions. etc. They don’t tell you that tattoos are easily messed up but hard to fix, or that extensions will strain your real eyelashes and you will lose much of what you had originally. Or that may be allergic to the glue in their product.

If you have made any of these silly mistakes, I can’t promise easy fixes. For “permanent makeup” there may be no fixes at all. Watch Judge Judy and she will make you feel silly, with good reason, for trusting a nobody and letting her “work” on you. You are doing to you what you would not be doing to your car.

As for eyelash extensions, there is hope (but no certainty). Improve the general health of your skin with Skin Actives collagen serum. And apply to the edge of the eyelids, on the skin where your eyelashes are formed, Skin Actives serum for  brows and eyelashes. In this serum is everything your cells need to make eyelashes. The sooner you start fixing the problem, the better. The cells that used to make eyelashes, eye brows or hair, once damaged, may eventually change into “normal” skin, unable to form hairs.

If you want to have longer eyelashes, using Skin Actives serum will allow your eyelashes to be as long as they can naturally be, providing nutrition and growth factors. Please, don’t try methods or medications that may have long lasting side effects, remember that eyelashes have other functions besides attracting a mate.  They protect our eyes from dust and sense things that come close to the eye (like tiny insects or dust), causing us to blink to keep our eyes safe. They protect your eyes from the wind and prevent dry eye.  Love your eyes and love your eyelashes, you need them.


DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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