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Cruelty free is also common sense

Testing skincare products on animals is not only cruel, but it’s also useless.

Lists of “comedogenic ” ingredients come from an old study where products would be applied to a rabbit ear for days and then checked for comedo formation. It is a silly assumption that the skin of a teenager would behave like a rabbit ear.

There were old laws that demanded from ingredients and products proof of safety, and at the time governments believed that animal testing could prove safety.

This is old news, animal testing on animals has been banned in Europe since the 2000s, earlier in some other countries.

Maybe not so old news, since the USA has no Federal law prohibiting the testing of skincare products on animals. However several states had anti-animal cruelty laws on the books for some time.

At Skin Actives we don’t use any ingredients tested on animals, and we test all of our own new products on ourselves.  This is more useful! We can tell how the product feels on our skin, and are better judges of whether they sting or not.

When it comes to the safety of ingredients, scientists have developed in vitro tests that can be useful, but, in general, we prefer to avoid “new” ingredients when there are old ones that have been proven to be safe and useful, by decades or even centuries of use on us, humans.





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