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Best mother’s day gift? Skin Actives

More clothes? More tchotchkes? More jewelry? At 60+, we have accumulated as many souvenirs of travels and people as we want. Our shelves and walls are full.

But our skin remains a priority, even when we forget it. It’s itchy, delicate, easily bruised, and sunspots “decorate” it all over.

Skin Actives has real people with skin problems, so we care about every age, from babies to the elderly.

What can you get for our over-60 mothers, and grandmothers (or yourself)?

Hannah and her mother Slawa (Zulema), z”l.

ELS: Every lipid serum. Will help prevent bruises if you apply it (immediately, if you can) after hurting yourself against the open fridge door or the window.  It will also help with itching skin, and it will be a balm for dry skin.

A gentle skin cleanser.

Alpha/beta exfoliator: a quick “renewal button” to use a couple of days before a party. Don’t leave it too long the first time, rinse quickly and apply some ELS.

Collagen serum is the most advanced antiaging product anywhere. Because it contains the ingredients you should be looking for but can only find in Skin Actives: high activity epidermal growth factor, antioxidants, apocynin (for stem cells), and lots more. Or find these great ingredients in a cream. You will be surprised at how effective these products are at recovering elasticity, and the eyelids will look better in a few days.

For a scalp tired of perms and coloring, got for hair serum. It contains the nutrition and the growth factors needed to stimulate hair growth with thicker hair.

And we can all do with some care for our tired eyelashes and eyebrows. This is what this serum is for.

Science is not what it was in the 1950s, so don’t keep buying the same cold creams available in the 1950s (in more modern jars and labels).  We pay for scientific research done in our universities; let’s take advantage of their findings.

Whatever our age, we still care about our appearance. The idea is not to look younger but to keep our body, including hair and skin, as healthy as possible. That will make us feel good when we see our face and hair in the mirror.  That’s what Skin Actives Scientific is there for. We are here for you.


DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.