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Best answer ever for “Why do I hear about this line a lot”

Not my answer but still the best:

They charge a lot, so you have been hearing about them because they spend money on PR and advertising.
Apart from the peptides, the ingredients look good, headlined by X or Y (niacinaide, magnesium ascorbyl phsophate, any of hundreds of ingredients).

The peptides are off the shelf   synthetic peptides (very cheap now) so there is no new science in the products, just renaming a few peptides that can be purchased by anyone.

XXX   just puts random peptides into cell lines (in culture) and sees if anything pops out in the test tube. Totally removed from real life. They then put the peptides in a glycerin and water solution and how that yes, indeed dry skin plumps up when glycerin and water are applied. All their results are always the same.