A skin care guide for brides (and bridemaids!)

You will be stressed (I remember how stressed I was and that was almost 5 decades ago).

But first things first. Nobody will notice that zit because you will be smiling and your smile will distract from any complexion problem you may have. However, you will be aware of your skin so it is important that you are in control.

If you get a massage, take rosehip oil with you. This way, you will get the benefits of the massage plus the nutrition that the rosehip will give to your skin. Your skin will be smoother and will feel better.

What you need to have handy:

1) One month before, use the Vitamin A cream, collagen serum and every Lipid Serum every night.

2) Starting one month before, apply the lip collagen serum and the intense repair every night.

A week before

3) Alpha/beta exfoliator. A single exfoliation a couple of days before will clear your skin and make it glow. Don’t leave it for the last minute, especially if you don’t use it frequently, you don’t want surprises and the best to avoid a surprise is not use anything new.

Three days before

4) Intense recovery mask. For the spa day with your bridesmaids treat them and yourself with a relaxing and clarifying mask.

5) After the mask, rinse it thoroughly and apply Every Lipid Serum.

6) Give your hands a treat with the nail duo and the revitalizing cream.

7) If you see a pimple coming out the night or the week before, Zit Ender will stop it from playing havoc.

For the more mature brides (40 to 80+) ask me about the anti-aging cream the Hydramist and the DMAE serum.

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