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5 ingredients you want in your skin care, plus 5 you don’t!

Say an enthusiastic “yes!” to these:

Vitamin A (like retinyl acetate)
Epidermal growth factor (to replenish your own declining EGF)
Apocynin (give your own stem cells a chance!)
ROS BioNet (disarm reactive oxygen species, ROS*)
Vitamin E (it is a vitamin because, without it, ROS* destroy your membrane lipids)

Say no to:

Abrasives (because your skin is not a wall)

Benzoyl peroxide (because the whole point is to DISARM ROS*, not to add to them!)

Concentrated essential oils (because most of them are strong solvents)

Fragrances (you don’t need them and they can bring trouble)

Alcohol (like in  ethanol, denatured alcohol) because they dry your skin


DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.